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j-rock shows in europe

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PETITION - JRock at Rock In Rio 2010 [Apr. 22nd, 2009|07:39 pm]
j-rock shows in europe


Hello everyone this is my first post here, I saw some posts about petitions so I hope this is allowed :]

Rock in Rio 2010 will be at Lisbon (Portugal) next year and us, Portuguese JRock fans, are really interest in trying to have a band playing here. We're a small country and we don't have many many fans yet so we never get JRock concerts here (so frustrating!) so this event is one of our chances!

So, please, if you live in Portugal or intend to come to RIR please please please sign this petition!
This is really important for us so all the help is greatly appreciated!

(Website in Portuguese)
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Thank you so much in advance