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This community is for j-rock fans going to j-rock concerts in europe.
The idea is for fans of different countries to help each other out (with things like language issues when it comes to ticket ordering and the likes, or sharing traveling routes and so on)and get to know each other, share reviews and experiences, arrange meet-ups!

♥ Be nice. You know what that means,right? No explenation needed :D
♥ Be on topic.
♥ If you post rumors (like "I heard these bands might be coming to...") please make absolutely clear that these are RUMORS, not news.
♥ Please keep it in english(otherwise the point of this community will dissappear), unless you're helping someone with translating. Not so good at english? No problem, just feel free to try.

+Review rules+
♥Try to focus on the actual event: queue, concert, demachi. At least one of these. If you include lots about meeting your friends and what you did the week before there's a good chance people will get bored before they get to the actual review.
♥Do not point out people in a negative way, either from inside the hall or the line outside. We know you get annoyed easily in those situations, but we just really don't want any fighting in here, ok?
That's it. Please contribute! :D